HP Proliant DL320 series servers - serial port issues

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HP Proliant DL320 series servers - serial port issues

Unread postby Richard » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:56 pm

There have been reports of the CAN-8 serial port authorization device not functioning correctly on HP/Compaq servers DL320 series and others.

The servers in question have a feature known as Integrated Lights Out operation (ILO) which can communicate via the network interface to another system to provide a remote console like feature. The ILO feature also has a seldom used backup connection which is available via the serial port using a command line interface to reboot and perform basic management functions on the computer. The ILO controller in the machine will attempt to connect periodically to the serial port even if the host operating system (such as windows) is using it and cause a disruption of the normal data exchange between the authorization device and the CAN-8 server software.

To allow CAN-8 to correctly communicate with the serial port, the CLI (command line interface) feature in the ILO configuration must be disabled. In most cases, pressing F8 during the boot process when the console displays the Itegrated Lights out configuration... message will bring up the config utility for ILO. Select Settings-->CLI from the menubar and then press the space bar on the selected setting to change the Serial CLI Status to DISABLED. Press F10 to save and then exit the config utility by choosing File-->Exit from the menubar.
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