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Server.log - information

Unread postby Richard » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:58 pm

The file SERVER.LOG is created and written by the NTSERVE.EXE program. This file tracks various server resources and is typically used by support staff at Sounds Virtual to diagnose problems that may occur.

Below I will describe some of the more common information that is recorded to the SERVER.LOG file.

Please NOTE, that if you wish to examine the file, first rename the file to some other name and then use a regular text editor to examine it. Do not attempt to edit the file without first renaming it as it will cause the running NTSERVE program to stop and wait for access to the file. Also, do not attempt to replace the SERVER.LOG file after renaming it. The server will create a new one automatically.

As this file is to be used for internal diagnostics only, there will be no guarantee that the format and information contained within it will be kept constant from version to version of the system.

Started Server at 2002/10/3 15:57:29

This line is created anytime the NTSERVE program is started.

5 users, serial 123000123

Gives the maximum number of simultaneous logins allowed for dongle # 123000123- This line shows only for server versions dated July 2005 or later.

Bound address to socket 116

For each configured IP interface on the server, a line showing the IP address and internal socket number will be displayed.

Checkpointing at 2002/10/3 15:57:29

Periodically, the server will write a series of six lines into the log describing its status. This is the first line that shows the time and date when they were recorded. These lines are written approximately every 9 minutes when the server is idle, or more often when the server is busy. The exact interval when they are written depends on the server load.

Messages 9769, Loops 5001, Ticks 9666, Fulls 0, Errs 0

This line indicates the number of times the server attempted to retrieve network messages (even if there were none to get), the number of times spent in the message retrieval loop, the number of miliseconds since the server was started, the number of times the transmit buffers were full and the number of errors as reported by the network driver that the server encountered.

Sessions cur 2, max 3, total 8

The server currently has 2 users logged in, has had a maximum of 3 sessions at any one time and a total of 8 logins have been sucessfully completed by users since the last startup.

Max RBUSED 1, Lsn 30, Menu 52, Ses 25, Unk 0 timouts 0

There has been one receive buffer used while servicing other messages. Packets that have been handled by the server are as follows: 30 for lesson content, 52 for menu display, 25 for login and session control. The server has received no unknown packets and no packets have had to be re-tried due to network timeouts.

rx all 13, log 3, rdr 6, wrt 0, st 0, fct 0, pad 7

The server has received 13 lesson packets, 3 packets for updating lesson logfiles, 6 were generic read packets from the client stations, no packets were written by the client stations to the server, no status packets were received by the server from the client, no function control packets were received by the server and 7 net-phone address packets were received by the server.

tx all 16, log 7, rdr 0, wrt 13, st 0, fct 0, pad 0

The server has transmitted 16 lesson packets, 7 to update client logfile information, no packets were read from the client by the server, 13 generic write packets were issued to the clients by the server, no status packets were sent by the server, no function control packets were sent by the server and no phone address packets were sent by the server.

Session 151 kill by watchdog timeout = User Ony, Elizibeth

A user session was terminated by the server. This usually happens if the user turns off their computer without logging off correctly, or if a networking problem persists longer than about 1 minute and the server
loses contact with the client station.

Started Subtask at 2006/5/8 16:30:19
Session 1 requesting task has returned wparam= 10001, lparam = 16E, ses-task = 80000000
Subtask completed at 2006/5/8 16:30:19

Subtasks include reports and list displays.

Closed Server at 2002/10/7 13:9:22

This message indicates correct shutdown of the server.

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