Delayed starting of the NTSERVE program as a Service

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Delayed starting of the NTSERVE program as a Service

Unread postby Richard » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:03 pm

2004 08 27

Recently Microsoft released various patches to its operating systems, one of which delays the starting of certain driver processes on their Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and XP server products.

This causes the CAN-8 NTSERVE program to not be able to find the serial port authorization device when the NTSERVE program is started as a service.

This is due to the driver for the serial port not being completely initialized by the time the service control manager starts the NTSERVE program.

The CAN-8 server supports the ability to delay the startup of the NTSERVE.EXE program. This feature can be used to prevent the "No more sessions available" problem that is caused by the NTSERVE program not being able to communicate with the serial port authorization device at the time of its startup.

To use this option with a server configured to start the NTSERVE program as a service, use the registry editor to access the key for the Parameters of the CAN-8 service and add a string subkey as follows:

AppParameters REG_SZ "-w 10"

Do not include the quotes (") in the string, they are only shown above for clairty.

This will cause the NTSERVE program to wait 10 seconds prior to attempting communication with any other device on the server.
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