Note to C8users members regarding this section:

Share / view developed material available for CAN-8.

Note to C8users members regarding this section:

Unread postby carole » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:37 am

This section was created to facilitate the exchange/purchase of material developed by our clients on CAN-8. You can advertise material that you have developed, answer a post, or ask other members of this forum if they wish to exchange material with your establishment.

Note that Sounds Virtual does not endorse nor take responsibility for the content of the material being exchanged, sold or shared.

The exchange transaction is solely the responsibility of the 2 parties involved. If the transaction must go through Sounds Virtual (i.e: installation or troubleshooting assistance other than the normal procedure instructions), Sounds Virtual will apply a consulting fee.

For purchased material, the transaction can be done between the 2 parties directly or through Sounds Virtual. Encryption/decryption of the lessons, to preserve their design integrity, can be arranged though Sounds Virtual. For more information please contact
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